Tailored Farm and Ranch Protection

Our farm and ranch products can cover operations that vary from fruit and vegetable farms to livestock operations. We range from monoline property and liability, care custody or control to umbrella and auto.

Our premier carrier State Auto Insurance Company has been writing farm and ranch property and casualty insurance since 1921, a tradition we are proud of.

Let us demonstrate our experience & commitment to you today.

Let us demonstrate our experience & commitment to you today.

We have a skilled and experienced farm staff which has been serving the needs of farm and ranch owners, like you, for many years. We know how to provide the best coverages and service for your farm or ranch.

 If you have a claim you can work with   Community Insurance through the local office (423) 638-1422 or by contacting the 24 hr. claims hotline at (800) 766-1853  any time of the day or night. 


Your farm or ranch deserves the best! It is your livelihood and your home. You want to make sure you have the most comprehensive protection available, and the best price. State Auto Insurance Companies can offer you broad coverages that are a great value.

Your Farm and Ranch policy protects you against specific losses or damages to your property, including your residence, personal property, outbuildings and farm personal property. It also provides liability coverage, with medical payments to others automatically included. At (CI) Community Insurance, we’re here to make sure you get the tailored protection that you need.