Introducing Michael S Humphreys

The House Perry Seaton Built
Michael S. Humphreys

“How’s your Mama?”

“When did you get back?”

“We were in Charlie Company together; we went to Desert Storm.”

Just a little bit from the conversations I had yesterday at the Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo at the Research and Education Center on East Allen’s Bridge Road.

“So, where you living now,” asked a cousin I didn’t recognize at first.

“I’m in the house Perry Seaton built,” I said.

Perry Seaton was a great American, a veteran of The Great War in France – that’s what he called it because that’s what his generation knew it as more than 20 years before there was a World War II. In fact, in 1938, when Hitler was rattling sabers all over Europe, Perry moved his wife and family of six children from Cedar Creek to a two-story cabin and 100 plus acres in what is now the DeBusk community. In 1941, he built the home I live in today on that property off Susong Memorial Road.

I went to the Beef Expo yesterday to offer myself as a resource to beef farmers in the region for the things that keep them up at night, the things they worry about like their farm, their home or will their family be ok if anything happens to them. I left the Expo yesterday reminded that I am finally home.

I retired from the Army in Colorado in 2013 and a little more than a year later I began my second career in the financial industry with the goal to be a resource for other transitioning service members like me. In August of last year, about a year after my stepson graduated from high school and enlisted in the Army himself, my wife and I decided to make the move back home to farm and family. It’s been a tedious process to return the old homestead and the adjoining 20 acres back to its former glory, but we are enjoying the challenge.

I’ve had to alter my business model a bit leaving the retired military Mecca of Colorado Springs behind, but there is a need here and I want to be part of the solution. My great grandfather, Perry Seaton, was a farmer of beef, dairy and tobacco. Farming is something I want to return to and as I transition to that lifestyle, I am learning firsthand the challenges our farmers face. At the Beef Expo, I learned that as I work toward solutions in the financial security and peace of mind of our farmers, I’m not just adding new clients to my book of business, I’m meeting the critical needs of friends and family that I love.

Tasche and Associates, a division of Community Insurance in Greeneville has given me the tools to best meet the needs of the people I most want to be a resource for. My specialty resides in life insurance, disability, long term care, and retirement planning but with Tasche and Associates, I’m part of a team of professionals with a network of companies that offer insurance solutions for farm, liability, home and auto, debt management, Medicare and so much more. If I don’t have the answers, I know someone who does.

I want to be that resource for the people I care the most about because I’m home now… and I live in the house Perry Seaton built.